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Zao Jun

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Featuring an indoor dining room, an enclosed outdoor patio, a private room and a full bar.

Looking for the best Chinese and Japanese food in Michigan? Look no further than Zao Jun restaurant, located in Bloomfield Twp. Our innovative “New Asian” cuisine creatively melds the flavors and cooking techniques of Southeast Asia to create new culinary experiences.

Our menu features signature dishes like Money Bags and Mongolian Beef, as well as fresh sushi and homemade egg rolls. Each dish is crafted with a contemporary approach to classic Asian cuisine, resulting in a modern twist that will delight your taste buds. Our beverage program offers an impressive selection of premium sakes, Asian beers, wines, and seasonally inspired cocktails.

At Zao Jun, we celebrate the culture and food of Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, China, and more. Our fusion of intermingling cultures creates a beautiful blend of flavors and traditions, and we take classic, culturally-important dishes and modernize them by upgrading ingredients, cooking techniques, and presentation.

Join us for a tasting experience that is completely new while still retaining the deep-rooted spirit of the original dish. Come and enjoy the best Chinese and Japanese food in Michigan at Zao Jun, where our innovative “New Asian” cuisine will transport you to a world of delicious flavors.

Get Happy

Let us shake things up while you wind down in our relaxing atmosphere! Enjoy our sushi bar and hot kitchen menu specials in addition to signature cocktails, wine, sake and beer… all at smile-worthy prices.